Our personal financial planning platform follows a step by step process that allows clients to make major life decisions and to save adequately for important goals like retirement and their children’s education. These steps include: analysis of household cash flow – current spending and saving; modeling of household spending and saving – choices for new home/vehicle purchases and vacation planning; and retirement, insurance, and estate planning.

A Plan You Can Trust
Aptus Financial is committed to transparent, objective, and non-conflicted advice, and our flat pricing serves this commitment. The firm does not sell any products. We do not pay nor receive payment for referrals. We do not receive investment kickbacks or insurance premiums. Every client works directly with a CFP for financial planning and a CFA for investment advice. Learn More Here

A Plan Tailored to You
At Aptus, you can expect more personal attention and guidance to help you reach your financial goals. We use a proprietary financial model that allows a customized and personalized analysis. It aggregates your goals, objectives and values in life, and then finds a path to get there.

A Plan With No Agenda
Aptus Financial makes financial planning the central focus of our services. We charge you directly for our financial planning services vs charging an annual fee formulated from a set percentage of total investments managed. You can choose from a menu of services or seek advice on an hourly basis.


Early career financial planning has a big effect on the quality of life you’ll enjoy in the coming years. Small decisions now – for good or bad – will have an outsized impact down the road. We help you make major financial decisions by running the cost of those decisions alongside saving and spending goals.

In the middle career stage, we simulate the performance of your current investments and how much you are saving each month to ensure that you are on track to retire when you want to retire.

Late career financial planning is the last stop to retirement and answers the questions “Can I retire and how?” We make a plan to use your remaining working years to fill in any savings gaps.