Investing with Aptus: Our approach is “advice only”

We are “Advice Only Advisors,” which means we do not charge for or hold assets under management or sell products. Unlike “Fee Only Advisors” who actively manage your money, with Aptus’ Advice Only platform your fee is the same whether you have $100,000 or $1 million to invest.  Your fee of $3,000 for your plan is a professional fee for our comprehensive financial planning expertise, of which investment advising is only a part. (See Pricing Page) An increase in the value of your investments due to market forces makes you wealthier, but does not affect our fees. 
We believe your investments should earn money for you – not for us!


Philosophy: Aptus Financial believes in a simple indexing strategy.  We first help you determine an appropriate asset allocation, or how to divide your money between stocks and bonds.  And then we pursue an indexing strategy where we attempt to capture the returns associated with very broad stock and bond market indexes.  Our strategy is also known as a passive strategy. Read More

What we do:  1) We educate you!  We first determine and then explain your current portfolio composition and allocation.  We identify your management style and we discuss and attempt to measure your current direct and indirect costs of investing.  Direct costs represent checks you write or money deducted from your account for advising. Indirect costs represent all of the “hidden” costs of investing, from revenue sharing by your adviser to the costs of active management. Read More

What you do: You save money!  You, with our guidance, rebalance your own portfolio as necessary.  We do not control your investments, you do.  Our approach is somewhat similar to robo advising, but with one significant difference – you have a highly credentialed human element with us! Read More