Aptus Guest Post on White Coat Investor Blog: "How to Make Changes to a Bad 401(k)"

Aptus partner Tim Quillin's guest post on the White Coat Investor blog discusses how to make changes if your employer offers a subpar 401(k) plan, with "high, hidden fees, poor investment choices, and conflicted or non-existent financial education." Tim suggests that with "a little self-education and a proactive, cooperative approach, you can help make your plan better."

Great Small-Business 401(K) Plans Are Possible If You Take A DIY Approach

We believe small business 401(k)s can be less expensive than feared, relatively simple to manage and provide significant long-term benefits to both owners and employees. For high-earning small business owners, the ability to defer taxes on a significant chunk of income each year—more than is possible with a SIMPLE IRA—and avoid the pro rata rule on “backdoor” Roth IRA contributions make 401(k) plans attractive, especially over the long run.

One Key to Financial Wellness: Find a Job You Love

At Aptus, we believe simple beats complex almost every darn time. Find a job you love [or at least don’t hate], spend less than you make, save for rainy days and retirement, and invest simply and wisely. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. When we present this concept to clients, we often caveat it by saying we can’t really help them find a job. There are limits to the scope of our work, right? Well, we’re not a staffing firm but we do have some thoughts on finding a job you love.

Aptus Featured in Excellent Arkansas Business Article on FIRE Movement

Arkansas Business published an interesting, well-written story on the FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early) movement. There are many great points in the article, but the most important notion is to spend less than we make, pay down debt and save for retirement. Building net worth can liberate us from dead-end jobs and lead to financial freedom.

Aptus Guest Op-Ed In Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: "Buyer Beware"

Aptus partner Tim Quillin’s op-ed highlights the ongoing regulatory efforts to force brokers to act in their clients’ best interests. “…this is probably not an issue that will be solved by government intervention. Folks, we need to assume that many of the people who give financial advice are not always looking out for us. In the financial world, we need a healthy level of cynicism. If you have the right personality and disposition, you're better off managing your own money.”

Comprehensive Contingency Planning Improves Decisions and Boosts Savings

Whether you develop a financial plan on your own or work with Aptus, it’s important to consider the multitude of contingencies in your life and how to best address each. A coordinated approach to risk will not only provide peace of mind but should also help reduce your spending on expensive insurance and increase your ability to save for retirement.

Aptus Guest Op-Ed in Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: "Rule of 28 is Dead"

Aptus founder Sarah-Catherine Phillips Gutierrez's op-ed highlights a critical issue in financial wellness. We think the biggest barrier to saving for retirement is buying too much house. The payments and repairs crowd out the ability to save. The problem is that current rules of thumb encourage people to aspire to unaffordable homes

Invest Simply and Wisely Using a Waterfall of Tax-Efficient Accounts

As we highlight in our Hierarchy of Financial Needs, your retirement outcome is more likely to be determined by your savings rate than it is to be driven by clever stock picking or crafty asset allocation decisions. The first step in investing, then, is to determine how much you can save. The next step is following a tax efficient waterfall. The last, and probably the easiest, step in investing is buying an appropriate mix of stocks, bonds and others assets.

Cash Management's the Key to a Successful Financial Life

At Aptus, we believe that financial success, happiness and freedom hinges on spending less money than you make (see Our Cash Flow System Makes Budgeting [Relatively] Cool). A good cash flow plan should help you determine the best balance of spending on important things like education and travel while saving enough for an emergency fund, paying off debt and building up retirement savings. Our recommended cash flow system is a relatively foolproof method of regulating and optimizing spending, but the devil's in the implementation.

Aptus Collaborated on Academic Paper Discussing Physician Educational Debt Management

Aptus founder Sarah Catherine Gutierrez collaborated on a paper recently published in the Journal of Graduate Medical Education. The title is “What Should I Do With My Student Loans?” The paper provides an excellent overview of the options available to physicians with educational debt.

10 Financial Tips for New Doctors

New doctors getting their first contract out of residency are typically going to have a big, one-time jump in income while also being saddled with a mountain of student loan debt. Their negative net worth makes it hard to hire financial advisors that charge a percent of assets. Their high income makes them targets for less reputable advisors, often selling complex, opaque and expensive permanent life insurance policies. We offer 10 financial recommendations to these new doctors.

Life Lessons from a 401k Plan Roll Out

Aptus recently provided education, counseling and enrollment assistance for a new 401k plan with around 2,000 eligible employees across several states. Participation in the plan increased more than 30% and savings rates improved meaningfully as well. We were excited to see the positive impact on the plan, but we were most surprised by the lessons learned along the way. We discovered new ways to think about courage, skepticism, trust, shame, leadership, communication, culture, empathy and life.

Aptus Quoted in TheStreet Article on Reasons to Fire Your Financial Advisor

Interesting article in TheStreet by Ellen Chang on the many reasons to part ways with traditional financial advisors. '"Some advisors are not fully disclosing their inherent conflicts which make it difficult for them to provide truly unbiased advice," said Tim Quillin, a CFA and partner at Aptus Financial, a Little Rock, Ark.-based financial planning firm. TheStreet article: Fire Your Financial Advisor If He Follows Any of These 12 Doctrines

Aptus Guest Column in Arkansas Business: "Your 401k Plan Matters"

Aptus Partner Tim Quillin wrote a guest column in Arkansas Business on 401(k)s. "If you’re a small-business owner or executive, please go through a formal review of your 401(k) plan. Chances are you can do better. A high-quality 401(k) plan shows employees you care about their long-term future and often provides peace of mind that makes your workforce healthier and more productive. It matters." Arkansas Business column: Your 401(k) Plan Matters

Our Cash Flow System Makes Budgeting [Relatively] Cool

After doing plans for over 250 clients, with an average income of $300,000, we can say with confidence that of all the important things we do for clients—from tax planning to investment planning—absolutely nothing is as important or life changing as cash flow planning. One of our greatest challenges at Aptus has been finding a cash flow system that works universally for our clients. And we have it. Read More

You Paid How Much to Your Financial Advisor?!?

Look, we get it. You trust your advisor. You have peace of mind. You don’t want to manage your own money.  But $20,000?!? We can work with you on a plan to transition your assets to very low-fee mutual funds that can be extremely easy to self-manage. For a one-time charge of $4,000, we can help you break up with your financial advisor. It will be an educational process and ultimately liberating. You can do it yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone. Read More