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Sarah Catherine Gutierrez can be your next keynote or expert presenter. She is a nationally recognized speaker on household cash flow management and do-it-yourself investing. As the owner and founder of Aptus Financial, a pioneering provider of flat-fee financial planning services, Sarah Catherine has developed deep expertise across a range of financial planning, investing, and personal finance topics. Almost more important than the breadth of her expertise, is her unbiased, objective approach to the financial services industry. Aptus doesn’t sell any products and doesn't manage its clients’ assets. Aptus provides advice for a flat fee. Period. With no conflicts of interest, Sarah Catherine can speak freely and honestly on the benefits and trade-offs of financial products and services. Audiences view her as "a breath of fresh air" and find her presentations interesting, engaging and valuable.  


Sample Presentation Topics

Intro to Cash Flow Management: This Sarah Catherine's most in-demand talk. Virtually no one is taught how to manage their cash flows, or budget their money, in high school, college or even graduate school. In just one hour, Sarah Catherine lays out a simple method that is universally effective for people across all income levels, from $40,000 per year to $400,000 per year. She has years of experience teaching this system on an individual and group basis. Clients and participants have remarked that this system has changed their ability to save and in many cases enhanced their marriages and relationships. This topic seems to be dominated with speakers who use fear and/or shame to motivate people to take control. Sarah Catherine's approach is to help her clients and participants use cash management as a tool to achieve peace of mind, security and happiness. Her work has shown that people are more motivated by inspiration and hope than fear. This topic would be appropriate for conference presentations, 401(k) financial wellness programs, and community events.

How to DIY Your Finances: In this talk, Sarah Catherine walks step-by-step though the process an average person can use to manage their own finances, by addressing 1) how much to save, 2) how much to invest in debt reduction, retirement savings or both and 3) how to manage the rest of their cash flows. This is a very empowering talk that proves to the audience that there's never been a better time to be a do-it-yourself investor. The talk also provides insight into why financial advisors have conflicts of interest that lead to poor advice and why you might avoid hiring, or fire, an advisor in favor of managing your own money. This topic would be appropriate for conference presentations, 401(k)s financial wellness topic, and professional continuing education training.

Money Management for Young Physicians and Attorneys: Physicians and attorneys often face a transition year where they go from making no or little money to quite a bit of money. At the same time, they face the realities of taxes, student loan payments and pressure to live beyond their means. This talk is designed to inspire these young professionals to design a financial plan for themselves that helps them get out of debt quickly and find their best balance between the "now" and the "future." This talk helps participants create a framework for balancing those two opposing realities, which then assists them in finding the right savings rate. The talk also incorporates many of the same concepts as How to DIY Your Finances. This topic would be appropriate for conference presentations, 401(k)s financial wellness topic, and professional continuing education training.

How Can I Save More for Retirement?: This powerful address gives inspiration to get people off the sidelines and saving for their future. Sarah Catherine has "cracked the code" on getting people to overcome inertia, act in the moment, and change their future by investing more into their 401(k) plans. In all the retirement plans on which she serves as advisor, participant savings has increased 50% or more. She and her team at Aptus have learned how to give a compelling call to action. This topic would be appropriate for 401(k) enrollment meetings, keynote addresses and community addresses. 

How to Invest: If you are interested in boring presentations filled with jargon and complex details, then this is NOT the talk for you. Sarah Catherine provides a highly educational, but funny and approachable, talk on how the investment world works. She describes what stocks and bonds actually are, how to find the right mix of stocks and bonds for you, how to pick funds in a 401(k) plan or Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and how to invest in a way that minimizes taxes and fees. She also weaves in a discussion of how financial advisors get paid and how that often leads to bad advice that may not be in the best interest of their clients. This is a powerful topic for financial wellness series, conference presentations and 401(k) plans.