Financial Planner

After over a decade in the tech industry, I transitioned to a career in financial planning, helping others make smart money decisions to reduce financial stress and live their best lives.

I never loved working in tech, and the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement originally attracted me to personal finance. As I explored the principles of FIRE, I realized there’s no need to retire early when you love what you do.

I now consider myself a proud personal finance nerd with a passion for helping others. (Yes, I geek out over fancy Excel spreadsheets.)

The tech industry introduced me to some of the smartest people I know, but they often struggled to make simple money decisions because of fear, anxiety, and analysis paralysis.

I enjoy working with others to simplify those decisions and make progress using fundamental financial principles. The math behind personal finance isn’t necessarily hard, but gaining confidence and moving past emotional hurdles can be. I enjoy taking that journey with others.

My goal is to help you build a financial foundation to support your non-financial life.

Outside of work, you’ll find me hiking in Yosemite, cycling the backroads and hills of Marin, and wearing my “dad hat“ while digging holes at the beach for my daughters to play in. (Some of the best things in life don’t cost much money.)


Certified Financial Planner
Investment Advisor Representative
Certified Financial College Consultant (CCFC)




2024-present: Financial Planner, Aptus Financial
2020-2024: Wealth Manager, Waypoint Wealth Partners
2014-2020: Strategy, Supply, and Marketing Analytics Senior Manager, StubHub
2004-2014: Various other consulting and tech positions that helped get me to where I stand today


Cash flow systems and savings habits
Cash management and contingency planning
Basic, diversified, and tax-efficient investing
Tax mitigation and guidance
Financial independence, retire early (FIRE) principals
College savings
Student debt
Equity compensation (RSUs/ESPP/NQs/ISOs)
Concentrated stock position risk mitigation