Workplace Retirement Plans and Financial Wellness

Our Mission Is Simple: Reduce Financial Stress and Help People Retire

Our retirement plans and financial wellness programs represent the future of the industry—not just different or better, but also the most ethical and transparent approach possible.



Through Our Unique Retirement Plan Advisory Practice, We:

Help your employees optimize their financial lives and retire one day on their own terms

Focus on reducing opaque industry fees

Emphasize financial wellness education

Your Retirement Plan Participants Receive Uncomplicated, Engaging Education and Advice That Allow Them To:

Prioritize savings

Reduce debt

Spend in a way that brings peace of mind

We cracked the code on influencing retirement savings rates. The secret: A personal nudge by someone you trust.

We Have Seen a ~50% Increase in the Aggregate Savings Across the Retirement Plans for Which We Serve as Advisor


Dynamic Enrollment Meetings

We deliver jargon-free presentations that motivate employees to save into their retirement plan. Our enrollment meetings have been described as "pep rallies for savings."

One-on-One Counseling

We offer 30 minute, individual financial planning meetings for ALL employees.

Financial Seminars

Our seminars include non-conflicted, expert advice on a range of financial topics, including household budgeting, debt repayment, risk management/insurance, college savings and retirement planning.

Financial Wellness Is the Unifying Mission of Our Service Offerings

Employer Retirement Plan Advisor

+ Educate and motivate employees to save
+ Offer individual and group meetings
+ Select and validate investment options
+ Help evaluate recordkeepers and third-party administators (TPAs)

PSLF Program provider

+ Implementation of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program as an employee benefit
+ Individual student loan analysis and step-by-step action plans to successfully navigate the PSLF program

+ Nudges to ensure employees take action and individual support through office hours and email

+ More information can be found at

Employee Benefits Educator

+ Provide in-depth education on employer's current benefits
+ Help employees optimize their benefits
+ Help employees understand complex HSA options and issues

Executive Financial Planner

+ Offer unbiased, independent planning services to executives
+ Help executives optimize employer benefits
+ Serve as 2nd set of eyes on outside investment accounts


+ What Size Companies Do You Work With?

  • We generally work with companies and organizations with more than a hundred employees, and we have clients with over 10,000 employees.

+ Do You Offer Financial Wellness Programming Only in Person?

  • We work with clients across the country and successfully execute financial wellness programming via Zoom for companies based in and outside of Arkansas.

+ What Recordkeepers and Tpas Do You Work With?

  • We can help our companies do recordkeeper and TPA searches. In that world, one size does not fit all. We have worked with the following recordkeepers: Vanguard, ADP, Paychex, Voya, Ubiquity, and Employee Fiduciary. In a few cases the company has wanted to keep its recordkeeper for ease of transition.

+ What if I Only Want Financial Wellness?

  • We offer financial wellness for companies that have recordkeeper-only plans without an advisor. The programming can be flexible to the needs of the company. For instance, we can provide student loan education, HSA education, or a host of our other financial wellness programming based on the unique make-up of company employees. In this situation, the company would pay directly for our services.

+ Why Are Fixed Fees Preferable for Retirement Plans Rather Than Based on Assets?

  • We see two significant advantages for fixed fees:

    • Fixed fees remove all conflicts of interest with plan participants. Without the incentive to grow assets, our advisors are free to recommend aggressive student loan and credit card debt repayment, building an emergency fund, saving into and HSA, and many other financial maneuvers that can sometimes be better than putting all available funds into retirement savings. Participants also trust us. Sometimes we need someone to choose a 30% deferral rate into savings in order to catch up on retirement savings. We are able to make that recommendation with the participant knowing we will not financially benefit from that advice.
    • Fixed fees mean that plan fees as a percentage of assets would likely go down over time. As retirements are more precarious and difficult to achieve, fees must not erode plan participant assets. We are proud that our fees reflect our work, and as participants save more and grow their money in the market, our fees have less impact on their growth.

Other Services

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Physician Financial Education

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